6 Reasons It Might Be Worth Buying an iPod Touch in 2019

The iPod Touch (5th generation) was released in 2015 and just about recently the iPod Touch (7th generation) was released and it is even better. Also called as the 2019 iPod touch, this tiny little apple device is just as good as it can get. Now surrounding its release in early 2019, there were a lot of speculations based on its working capability when compared to other highly developed Apple products like iPhone, iPad, Macbook etc. This led to a major confusion amongst people whether to indulge in a low budgeted apple device like this one or to go for the latest one in the iPhone series or opt for the one that stands at par with the iPod touch that is the iPhone SE. In order to clear all of this muddy air in the room, we present to you the 6 main reasons as to why buying an iPod Touch in 2019 is still totally worth it.

1. It is the most compact apple device of all.
2. Can be easily shared amongst a set of users
3. Availing a lot of games
4. Privacy stands first
5. Ideal device for kids
6. Cheaper iPhone alternative

1: Compact device

The I-pod touch was a huge hit among people of all age groups when it was first released almost a decade ago, it had the ability to store thousands of songs and play MP4 videos seamlessly and was highly sought after as it was huge technological advancement . It blew its major competition the Sony Walkman away in terms of sales, interface and simplicity in design. The Walkman didn’t stand a even a slim chance against the device that the tech giants Apple released. Similarly there are millions of people looking for a compact music player which has the ability to play all kind of audio and videos seamlessly while being sleek and compact in design.

2: For Gaming

Furthermore the Ipod touch can be improved into a high end gaming console with the help of Apple’s revolutionary high speed processing system and high end graphical capabilities. This is an area which Apple has been working on. The market lacks a console which doubles as a music player and a gaming console and the I-Pod touch will definitely please all its user in terms of performance and user interface.

3: Ideal device for children of all age groups

In this fast evolving world , everyone needs to stay connected to the internet and there is no way around it. So with child safety and security in mind the I-Pod touch would be an amazing device to buy your kids as it does not put them in danger of cyber bullying or any sort of online crimes. This is exactly what parents want, they want their kids to learn and grow by staying connected without any any side effects of the internet.


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